Fionn MacCumhail

Finn has grown through ages
His tales
Feats of marvel
Against giant
‘Til reason
Cleared his vision
Marking disparities
Discretion changing valor,
Home remembered
And soon reclaimed
Trailing troubles
In his wake,
Wise Oonagh
Perceiving danger
Warmly welcomed
Hospitality homely,

Beware the woman
Whose home
And family threatened
Force no match for wit.

©2019 Maggie Grimes

When Finn realized that the Scottish giant Benandonner was so much larger than himself, he suddenly remembered an urgent matter at home. The giant followed. Finn’s wife Oonagh recognizing the problem took charge. She had Finn lie in bed where she covered him up to his neck. She covered an iron griddle with bread dough and set it to bake. When Benandonner pounded on the door, Oonagh invited him in. She apologized for the absence of her husband but reassured Benandonner that Finn would be home shortly. In the meantime, she offered him bread still warm from the baking. Yelling in pain on breaking several teeth on the iron laden bread, he had to suffer the scolding of an irate Oonagh for waking the babe. She points to the swaddled figure of Finn stirring in the bed. On seeing the massive size of the baby, Benandonner suddenly recalled a prior engagement and left. The motto of this story is, “Don’t let your mouth get you in trouble unless you have a wise woman to back you up”. There is actually a more colloquial way of saying it but it’s rude. MJG

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