The Lady

Roughened hands catch the fabric
As she lifts the silken dress,
It had been her bridal gown
In that lost time before the war,
A smile warms her eyes
As she recalls some secret memory,
Only a moment does she hesitate
But the cloth is needed
And she knows her duty well,

Satin slippers lie beneath
Hidden in the silken folds,
A brief caress as she remembers
Moonlit waltzes in her lover’s arms,
That world was but a dream,
Rueful she glances down
Eyeing the coarse brogans
That would never grace a dance floor
She has no need for slippers,

The menu for a forgotten gathering
Catches her attention,
Her mother was frantic in preparation
Wanting each to have a favorite dish,
Succulent meats in steaming sauces,
Dainty confections of sugared treats,
The heady aroma of coffee completing the banquet,
But cornbread and water were the ample repast
While battered armies strove,

She smiled as the trunk lid dropped
Hiding the remnants of forgotten times,
It was enough to remember
Treasuring the fleeting memories,
But all things change,
Honor only remaining
To guide the faltering footsteps
Down the unknown pathway,
Proudly enduring.

© 2019 Maggie Grimes

I have always been fascinated by history, learning about differences of other times and places, about the people and their lives. In war, everyone suffers, even the ones left behind. I am a living historian. To gain a deeper understanding, I have worn what they wore, ate as they ate, and in a small way, lived as they lived. MJG

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