It is obvious that I am no expert in the fine art of designing and navigating the intricacies of blogging. I am learning. I was encouraged to start the blog as a means of archiving my writing and art. I’ve been writing poems and stories since I learned to manipulate a pencil; the drawing and painting is much more recent a thing.

I write about places I’ve been, people that I have known or studied. History, stories, mythology intrigue me. The world of Nature calls to me. These are the things that move me to write.

To whomever reads my words, I hope that they cause you to feel or think or dream or hope or something. I would like to hear from you, to learn where my words have traveled, to whom they have spoken. Regardless, thank you for finding my words and best wishes to you. MJG

The Wolf

The wolf hunts
Padding, silent
The night’s master,

The night calls
Taunting, playful
The wolf answers,

The wolf seeks
Daring, dangerous
The night’s whisper,

The night tempts
Luring, seductive
The wolf follows.

© 2019 Maggie Grimes

The Way of the Wolf

The road of the wolf
Is hidden
His own way chosing,

The trail of the hunter
Is difficult
Past perils leading,

The way of the wolf
Is lonely
The wild path padding,

The song of the hunter
Is magic
Midnight music snaring,

The eyes of the wolf
Are hazards
Artic depths drowning,

The soul of the hunter
Is searing
His love heart piercing,

The road of the wolf
Is hidden
His own way chosing.

 © 2019 Maggie Grimes

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